Year 12: Nearly at the beginning.

It is the weekend before my first week as a Year 12 student.

I have completed half of my homework and need to get my books in order yet the excitement has hit me, unlike others who are not looking forward to going back to school. It is my last year in high school meaning that I will soon be classified as an adult. I just hope I will feel like an adult.


Excitement is increasing

I have been dancing from the joy of being able to take control of my future. I have chosen all of my subjects without any conflicting interests from parents or teachers. I have chosen subjects that interest me. Subjects that I am prepared to work as hard as needed.

Gusto and Optimism

I have always been an anxious kid as the unknown of what would lie ahead for that year had the potential to scare me. We would be reading new books and there would be new essay styles. I would have new teachers and new classes to get to know. What if I don’t bring the correct stationery or not enough highlighters. These thoughts have left me and in my last year, I am now prepared to face Year 12 with gusto and optimism to begin the year in the right direction towards success.

Με το δεξί (me to dexi) – With the right leg meaning “to bring good luck”

When going into a new home or taking a new direction, walking with the right leg first is a sign that brings good luck.

I am now ready for my first last day of high school. Με το δεξί!

From me to you,

Enjoy your day and keep learning.

Helena Valeria


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