Formal Season: Dressing Up And Messing Up

It has been awhile since my Year 12 Formal and I think that it is time to reflect.

It was a sun-streaked, energy-filled, long night of dancing, laughter and friends. The venue was perfect. The people were perfect. Most importantly, I felt perfect.

Walking around in my Formal outfit made me feel like a Queen! I had confidence in myself, including my body and I could tell that everyone was holding themselves with this new-found confidence that we all have hidden inside of us.

I was strutting from one side of the venue to the other and I felt all the heads turn and stare as I walked past (both imaginary and real, might I add). I could feel all eyes on me yet they weren’t prying and dissecting each part of my outfit, instead, they were gazing at me with recognition.

My favourite moment was on the dance floor when Shakira’s Hips Don’t Lie came on and everyone became part of one. We moved together and I felt as though I was connected to everyone. (Cheesy, yes. Fun, also yes.)

After the school coordinated formal was over, many of us when to the after party!

It was at a club in the city and everyone was smashed. The dance floor was more like a pool of sweat with bodies falling out of time. The outskirts of the dance floor filled with couples entangled in one another’s lips and bodies.

My night took a turn for worse when my friend began to feel sick. I hadn’t drunk enough to get me tipsy so I was aware of everything around me, including her lack of awareness. She was tripping over her feet and only wanted air to soothe her headache. I took care of her the whole night and made sure that she got home safely. But the moment I got home, a wave of regret fell over me. I wasted my only Year 12 Formal looking after someone else and not having any fun. All I wanted to do was dance.

Next time, I am not going to become a babysitter. I am going to have fun and dance to my heart’s content. What would you have done?

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