The Interview: A Powerful Man Being Feminine

Yesterday, the Troye Sivan episode of ‘interview’ with Andrew Denton aired and it is a must-see for all.

Andrew Denton, the interviewer asked many questions ranging from musical idols to the feeling when coming out to the world. His honest and engaging mannerisms enabled Troye Sivan to become comfortable and welcomed.

Many parts of the interview and the particular questions that were asked seemed to be tailored to pick out the rawest emotions from Sivan’s memory, which they did, in relation to his sexuality.

Sivan explained his experiences from coming out to his family and then doing the same to the many faceless characters who watched and followed his every move. He explained it as scary and frightening as he had many expectations to fulfil as the limelight was being shown over him.

Breath a sigh of relief.

He spoke about his video clip FOOLS which included him kissing another boy, explaining the significance of showing love between two men as a catalyst for acceptance and a sort of recognition.

FOOLS Music Video

Luckily, Sivan has now enabled himself to be free and be his true self, which is explored through his more recent song Bloom. The video for Bloom is especially important to him as it allowed him to explore his feminity. Sivan retells his feelings of “power” and being carefree when embodying his more feminine self as he is trying to redefine the idea that “it is dirty”

Troye Sivan’s last words were that in order for others to like you, all that you need to do is be real and share yourself with others.

Also, if you want to see Troye Sivan as a cute little 12-year old singing like a professional then this interview needs to be viewed by you!

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