Period Troubles: Sleepover

Even after years with my first period, I continue to make amateur mistakes.

Recently, I went to my friend’s house for a sleepover. Luckily, my period had decided to come a few hours before, so I was prepared with heaps of pads and underwear, in case of an accident.

I went to the bathroom before going to bed and everything was under control.

But throughout the night, I kept on moving and twisting and switching positions. There was no PERFECT position all night as every movement entailed more stabbing pain and discomfort.

Thankfully, morning came and I would be able to go to the bathroom to make sure of everything. But, I got the feeling that I had leaked through everything onto the bed covers.


  • What if I had leaked onto her bed cover?
  • What do I do now?
  • Do I wait for her to wake up?
  • Or do I try to leave the bedroom without waking anyone else up?

(Keep in mind that my friend’s parents and brother were somewhere in the house.)

  • What if you can see blood on my PJ bottoms while I walk to the bathroom?
  • Do I take a change of clothes with me to the bathroom?

There was so much to consider, and that was only the start of it.

I snuck away from the bed with no leak in sight on the covers.

But when it came to flushing the toilet I had some troubles. I tried to flush the toilet 3 times. Nothing went down. My brain was scattered. What do I do now? I had no idea, so I began to cry.

Ugh, too many emotions!

I quietly stepped back into my friend’s room with my tear stained face and she reminded me that everything was alright and that it had been blocked for a few weeks and that it would be fixed. Get yourself a friend like mine.

I now know to either plan my sleepovers around my period or ask my friends whether their toilet is flushing or not.

Was this too much information? Sorry, you will need to get used to my honesty.

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