Loving vicariously

We are able to feel a sense of love towards anything so long as we put ourselves in the shoes of the lover.

My newfound love affair is with Rom-Coms.

Actually, I have loved them since the moment I watched my first (How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days). I loved the good looking lovers, the beautiful settings, the lively best friends, the crazy antics and the moment of pure bliss when they officially start their relationship.

But most of all, I loved the love.

Watching two people, who are, in reality, unconventionally wrong for one another, come together and find a common ground where they appreciate each other for their quirks is utterly beautiful.

These films are not about how weird people can be or how bad the world is or whether they can live together, in peace, for all their time alive on earth. Instead, they highlight the attraction, the new beginning of a relationship or the spark as people say. This spark always gives me a warm feeling in my stomach, similar to the one of love that is felt by the couple. I feel their love and it gives me a sense of satisfaction that life is good!

Also, I enjoy Rom-Coms as they give you a quick sneak peak into a life of ‘what could be’, of ‘what could happen’. They allow viewers to fantasise with the idea that these two individuals possibly grow old together or live in a constant state of dysfunction. Each one is possible to occur yet our imaginations are allowed to run wild and make up additional story lines (unless there are sequels).

This post has been inspired by the film To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before which was recently released on Netflix. (In all honesty, I have seen it over five times even though it has only been out for a week.)

It is new romantic comedy that defines the genre perfectly. It is a relatably unrelatable love story set in a beautifully colour-coordinated world. It is just as picturesque as its actors and actresses. I implore you to find this film anyway that you can and watch it. Enjoy the cute chemistry between the characters! Enjoy the relatability of dreaming about your crush! Enjoy the memory of high school, a time when anything and everything is possible!

Romantic-Comedies are made for all. No matter who you are, what you believe is your favourite genre or what age you acquire: a Rom-Com is surely going to make you smile!

Some of my other favourite romantic comedies include:

But there are many more for you to go and watch!

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