The end. (Not just yet)

The end is dawning on us.

I have less than 50 days until I complete my last exam.

Some may say that “my life is only just beginning” but a statement like that can’t be true as it means that I have been living a dead life for the past 18 years. We should change the statement to “life continuing” as we move forward and face new beginnings, instead one new world.

Honestly, my excitement to finish high school is beginning to be more important than actually completing.

So close, yet so far.

The new beginnings are now in sight and feel more tangible than they have ever been before. I begin to wonder about all the new experiences that I will endure. Possible heartbreak. Possible achievements. Possible challenges. I am excited to experience it all.

As we move through life, I believe that everyone should look forward to any new possibilities. Even if you are sitting in a nursing home looking out the window after dinner, maybe you will see a beautifully new sunset that you had never seen before.

Walk through everyday will a new set of eyes (or glasses, if you’re like me).

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