Old Friends

Yesterday, I ran into an old friend from Primary School. I walked into my weekly pilates class and saw a familiar face. I had only seen her on social media, the land where all is known. However, as I was stretching and taking part in the exercises, I realised that I don’t really know her.

I remember being friends but I don’t remember the friendship. How did it start? How did it end? What were the funny moments?

I think that friendships can be really odd concepts as they are the relationships that we choose and also manifest ourselves. We have the choice to begin getting to know someone or not. We have the choice to sit at their table and laugh at their jokes or not. Most importantly, we choose friends who have similar values to us in order to achieve all our wishes in life.

As my last year of school is coming to an end, I have been reflecting on the many friendships that I have had throughout the years.

  • Those who pushed me around
  • Those who I pushed around
  • Those who made me feel special
  • Those who made me think I was one of the cool kids
  • Those who made me a better person
  • Those who criticize my every flaw

Thankfully, I now know who I want as my friends. All those years of putting up with terrible people have paid off and I am choosing my friendships.

Do you remember the start of your relationship with your closest friends? Do you or do you not have very close friends? Do you prefer to be a lone wolf amongst a flock of sheep?

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