True Colours

You will never truly know someone until they have to go through a battle.

Whether they overcome it or not is irrelevant. But the person that they are during the battle is their truth. You can work through things with a positive mind, being optimistic and trying to make better of the situation. Or you can whine all day long and fight the world for not giving you want you wanted in the first place.

A person who is close to me is going through a divorce and they haven’t stopped whining about their annoyance of the situation. They have taken to threatening and manipulating their partner in order to make them feel some control while the world is falling apart around them.

Sadly, this person has begun to hurt me throughout their process of change. They ridicule the people that I love by using their beautiful personalities to depict them in a treacherous light. They ridicule their ancestry as that was the cause of all their faults. I am even scared to leave the house. If I do, they may start harming those who I love.

I no longer know who this person is. They were once my friend, but now all they feel like is a little crumb of food. It needs to be wiped away or else the ants will start congregating and soon all the insects will be eating after their dead carcass.



This thought felt much darker than usual but everyone needs to express their feelings whatever form of colour or emotion that it comes through.

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