High School. Check.

I am in the middle of completing my final exams. But first, I want to look back at all the fun!

Last week of classes

My last week was beautiful! It was filled with nostalgia, dreams about the future and a few tears. In each of my classes, my teachers bestowed a little bit of their knowledge onto us. Some gave us luck for our futures while others gave us life advice. To be honest, many of the teachers cried more than the students, except for my English class.

My lovely English teacher had a small speech prepared for us which concluded in all members of the class in tears. She acknowledged each of us individually in our own personal cards and goodies bags which had a pencil in case of a sudden need to write. By the end of this class, everyone had shed some tears.

The rest of the week included signing each other’s shirts and dresses with a multitude of colours. Each person had an array of messages specially written for them. Each and every Year 12 student was glowing from confidence as they carried their accomplishments and memories on their clothing. I felt proud. There was the air of a community, where people you haven’t spoken to since Year 7 or never before wrote a sweet message of blessings.

Muck up day!

As most muck up day rituals are banned at our school, the Year 12 cohort hosted an assembly. There were dance numbers such as guys doing the Mean Girls Christmas dance. There were many funny skit videos including a remake of the Alexa ad. There were live performances, including yours truly and the rest of the musos as well as some crowd surfing. All in all, it was a chaotic assembly where most students were slightly tipsy, from the pre-party at 6am, but that didn’t stop anyone from enjoying themselves.


The after-party was amazing! Most people had gone and were celebrating one more night before all the scary stuff, like life, would begin.

Everyone was talking to everyone. People explain how much they will miss each other as there will be no more school to see them every day.

“We must stay friends” “We need to catch up soon”

The music selection was mostly early 2000s, spreading nostalgia and happiness through all our bodies just as the alcohol does. Soon the heat built up and shirts came flying off (only the guys’). Sweat was being swapped, same as saliva for the few lucky ones.

I danced with my friends for the final time, at a house party, in high school. We screamed the lyrics to one song after another song and danced all night long, we began to feel like one family. A family of more than a hundred kids, but a family nonetheless.


They have dawned on us and everyone is starting to lose their sanity.

I have completed 4 out of 6 exams. So close yet so far. Until now, I am hopeful that they have all gone well. I can’t tell whether I am happy from my efforts in the exams or for the fact that I have completed them, it’s a confusing time. Anyhow, it will soon be over.

The end is coming for this chapter of my life. I am grateful for every adventure that I have taken part in and I am ready for what comes next.

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