Dear Sam Smith

Dear Sam Smith,

A few nights ago, I took a well-deserved night off of studying and had the pleasure of going to your magnificent concert.

I was expecting a large voice on a small stage to amaze me but you did so much more than that.

The show began with you rising from the ground, thoughtfully sitting in a chair, as you sang Burning. Your backup singers were not backup singers at all; their voices complimented yours and each others’, resulting in so many euphoric harmonies. (I may have cried a little.)

Throughout the show, your clothes depicted a transition from this simple dressed, every-day-man until you finally became yourself with brightly coloured clothes to convey your new-found confidence as a strong gay man (so many pride flags in the air!)

Your smile never faded all through the performance. Your youthful smile made everyone’s hearts flutter as your confidence and power on the stage filled the whole arena. I wanted to run up to you and hug your cute little smile. The audience could tell how proud you were of yourself as were we. The only moments of sadness came with the songs that were a “little depressing”, as you said, as they depicted your pain, your worries and your growth.


Overall, I just want to hug you and say thank you. Sam, your performance was a beautiful example of an inspirational artist. It was minimal in people on stage but filled with a grand amount of love. Thank you for coming to Melbourne and sharing with us a little bit of your magic.

Lots of love,

Helena Valeria

Have you ever seen a performance and needed to thank them for their gift to the world?


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