Movie Review: Battle

Battle is a story of connection and loss in the lives of teenagers, Amalie and Mikael. In September 2018 the Norwegian dance film was released and soon after it was added to Netflix Australia where I stumbled upon it.

The director, Katarina Launing, excellently chose the promising Skam star, Lisa Teige, and new-comer, Fabien Svegaard Tapia, to portray a beautiful love affair as their world changes.

I have fallen in love with this film. There is love and there is dance, what more can you ask for? 

In the past 48 hours, I have watched Battle three times. The first time; my heart was racing as all the drama unfolded (at one point, I had to stand up and take some deep breaths before continuing again). The second time; my heart grew, while their love for one another flourished (Mikael is a sweetheart who wears his heart on his sleeve). The third time; I was getting up and trying to dance in sync with them, (I felt like Amalie and Mikael, without coordination, of course).

Mikael (Fabien Svegaard Tapia) and Amelie (Lisa Teige), Battle

After my third viewing, I have made some discoveries. 

  • Supportive friends are the only friends that you should keep in your life and those who knock you down should probably be dismissed
  • Trust is a very important element that aids a relationship to grow
  • Materialistic items will never have more value over the warmth that comes from being with people that love and support you 

There are acts of love and trust stamped all over this film as Launing expresses that the only way to communicate true feelings is to speak through dance. All the dance scenes are amazing as the two styles come together in the final battle in due celebrating their connection.

All in all, Battle is a Norsk film that needs to be seen by everyone. The challenging themes and indie film style gives the impression of truth in everything that is tackled, while the dancing evokes multitudes of hope in the audience (also, I’m in love with Mikael!!!). 

Please watch it and let me know your thoughts.

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