Athens in a Day (well, not exactly)

Athens. An ancient city in the midst of rebuilding it self.

Tuesday – Τρίτη

I arrived at midday but the long 24 hour journey killed me, resulting in an early dinner at a local restaurant called Nikitas and a 6pm bedtime.

Wednesday – Τετάρτη

I was woken up at 6am by my mum’s voice calling family back in Australia. Though, I didn’t mind waking up as the jet lag had kicked in, being 3pm at home. However, we also had a beautiful view of the Acropolis as we waited for the rest of the city to wake.

We decided to venture out of our loft apartment at 9am to go and find some breakfast; bougatsa and spanakopita paired with hot chocolate and coffee. After a very filling breakfast we began our walk around the streets to do some exploring and shopping, of course.

We wandered through the agora (market) and found some new winter clothes as we hadn’t packed enough for the weather. Also, I found the perfect Winter Christmas outfit for myself.

After our new purchases, we decided to visit the most visited place in Athens; the Acropolis.

On our way, we met a lady who is part of an organisation that helps the cats of Athens. She feeds the cute cats and speaks to them in Greek keeping the culture alive in them. How cute!

At the Acropolis, we walked around and admired the impressive ancient architecture that is still standing. As the archaeologists continued to uncover different parts of the ruins, I wondered about the individuals who had the job of creating the monstrosity. Each piece is different yet when put together they create an unfathomable structure.

Around three in the afternoon, our stomachs were rumbling as they craved food. We were reccomended to go to a restaurant in the centre of Monastiraki called O Thanasis.

We stuffed our faces with too much food. We had dips, Greek salad, pita, Chicken skewers and spicy peppers which killed all of our tastebuds.

Our last adventure for the day was to find Syntagma Sqaure where there was a beautiful display of Christmas lights. It took Google Maps paired with asking the locals for directions to get us there, but we made it.

As it was our last night in Athens, we found a quaint bar called the Party to relax with a few drinks before going to bed.

Thursday – Πέμπτη

We visited our local bougatsidiko (bougatsa cafe) before traveling to the airport for our next flight.

Check out my video Athens in a Day on YouTube.

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