Results are out!

I am sat in a traditional Cypriot restaurant with family acting normal all around me. On the inside, my heart is beating and my mind us racing.

Maybe I didn’t do that well.

But my teachers thought that I had done well.

Maybe I’m being too cocky.

Too many thoughts.


We arrive home and the internet isn’t perfect so I run downstairs for better reception. I sit on the cold wooden floors and wait for the website to load.


Suddenly, a number pops up, out of nowhere. It’s higher and better than expected. A smile fills my face and promising thoughts of the future arise.

I begin to jump around the room which results in a happy dance filler with laughter and hands in the air.

I had been waiting to receive my ATAR results with too much anxiety than necessary. Now that they have arrived, I am overjoyed but can certainly realise that they would have never brought the end.

Congratulations to all other Aussies receiving their scores!

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