Tel Aviv, Israel

Israel. An apparently unsafe country that is full of danger and war. Tel Aviv. A city that is bustling all day and night, summer and winter. It has been a few weeks since my time in Tel Aviv but the magic of this land needs to be shared. Upon first arrival, Tel Aviv appeared like… Continue reading Tel Aviv, Israel

Athens in a Day (well, not exactly)

Athens. An ancient city in the midst of rebuilding it self. Tuesday - Τρίτη I arrived at midday but the long 24 hour journey killed me, resulting in an early dinner at a local restaurant called Nikitas and a 6pm bedtime. Wednesday - Τετάρτη I was woken up at 6am by my mum's voice calling… Continue reading Athens in a Day (well, not exactly)

Dear Sam Smith

Dear Sam Smith, A few nights ago, I took a well-deserved night off of studying and had the pleasure of going to your magnificent concert. I was expecting a large voice on a small stage to amaze me but you did so much more than that. The show began with you rising from the ground,… Continue reading Dear Sam Smith