The Interview: A Powerful Man Being Feminine

Yesterday, the Troye Sivan episode of 'interview' with Andrew Denton aired and it is a must-see for all. Andrew Denton, the interviewer asked many questions ranging from musical idols to the feeling when coming out to the world. His honest and engaging mannerisms enabled Troye Sivan to become comfortable and welcomed. Many parts of the… Continue reading The Interview: A Powerful Man Being Feminine

Cypriot Invasion: Then and Now

On the 20th of July 1974, Turkish militia flew over Cyprus, dropping bombs and spreading fear in all the citizens. Among those citizens were my grandparents. A few days ago was the 44th-anniversary recognising the invasion of Cyprus. Many people in my family posted messages talking about how sad it was and still is, and… Continue reading Cypriot Invasion: Then and Now

Dear Sam Smith

Dear Sam Smith, A few nights ago, I took a well-deserved night off of studying and had the pleasure of going to your magnificent concert. I was expecting a large voice on a small stage to amaze me but you did so much more than that. The show began with you rising from the ground,… Continue reading Dear Sam Smith

True Colours

You will never truly know someone until they have to go through a battle. Whether they overcome it or not is irrelevant. But the person that they are during the battle is their truth. You can work through things with a positive mind, being optimistic and trying to make better of the situation. Or you… Continue reading True Colours