Paris – Part 2: Riding through life

On my last day in Paris, I decided to take part in a bike riding food tour. Food is a big part of my life. Food is a big part of a Parisian's life. Why not celebrate my love for food and Paris for one last day? I stumbled upon an experience in Airbnb with… Continue reading Paris – Part 2: Riding through life

Prague – How are you so gorgeous?

To be honest, I didn't expect much from Prague. I thought that it would be a cold and vile city with old and dusty buildings scattered across it all. Prague had been the complete opposite. Beautiful Prague, beautiful people From the moment I arrived, all the people that I have encountered have been so kind… Continue reading Prague – How are you so gorgeous?

The Interview: A Powerful Man Being Feminine

Yesterday, the Troye Sivan episode of 'interview' with Andrew Denton aired and it is a must-see for all. Andrew Denton, the interviewer asked many questions ranging from musical idols to the feeling when coming out to the world. His honest and engaging mannerisms enabled Troye Sivan to become comfortable and welcomed. Many parts of the… Continue reading The Interview: A Powerful Man Being Feminine

Cypriot Invasion: Then and Now

On the 20th of July 1974, Turkish militia flew over Cyprus, dropping bombs and spreading fear in all the citizens. Among those citizens were my grandparents. A few days ago was the 44th-anniversary recognising the invasion of Cyprus. Many people in my family posted messages talking about how sad it was and still is, and… Continue reading Cypriot Invasion: Then and Now

Christmas in Thessaloniki

Christmas has come and gone but a story still needs to be told. Christmas in Australia is traditionally a large BBQ with as many family members as possible. On the other hand, in Greece Christmas Eve was a special celebration. Nothing felt right as we were used to setting out TimTams and baileys for Santa… Continue reading Christmas in Thessaloniki

Tel Aviv, Israel

Israel. An apparently unsafe country that is full of danger and war. Tel Aviv. A city that is bustling all day and night, summer and winter. It has been a few weeks since my time in Tel Aviv but the magic of this land needs to be shared. Upon first arrival, Tel Aviv appeared like… Continue reading Tel Aviv, Israel